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Challenger Bank Branding

The Programme

With Project Management capability from Practicus, this Challenger Bank is implementing a series of initiatives to improve the business, suggested by staff members themselves.

The Challenge

The brand is built on ‘banking as it should be’. The Bank understands it will only achieve its aim if it maintains its high levels of customer service and listens to its staff.The ‘Living the Brand’ project was created to encourage staff to suggest innovative ways to improve the business. The Bank engaged Practicus to oversee implementation of those ideas.

The Engagement

After running a series of engagement workshops, staff highlighted 750 ideas for improvement. The ideas were categorised into 11 workstreams based around the brand pillars. Four of the workstreams were internally focused including staff training and incentives, while seven were externally focused, for example exceptional customer service and transparency & visibility. Suggestions ranged from an improved staff recognition scheme to increased engagement with local communities and schools. Practicus developed a six stage delivery framework to progress the suggestions into clear BAU initiatives, projects and quick wins. The framework incorporated workshops, analysis, reviews and approval gateways up to Board level. This framework helped identify nine ‘beneficial’ Projects and BAU initiatives as well as 19 Quick Wins that could help build a better business and reinforce the brand.

The Outcome

The initiatives selected as part of the project are in the process of being implemented. As a result, our client’s staff have had a significant impact on supporting banking as it should be.