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Bus Improvement Programme

The Programme

By working with programme leadership from Practicus, this Transport group significantly improved its bus services with reduced journey times and improved punctuality.

The Challenge

In March 2012, the Department for Transport awarded £5 million to this Transport group as part of the national Better Bus Area Fund. The Better Buses Fund Programme was a diverse programme of 11 individual schemes. Its objectives were:

  • Better bus priority to improve journey times, reliability and punctuality
  • Better public transport interchange in key economic centres
  • Better bus services to support growth and ensure access to employment
  • Change travel behaviour through new media information solutions

Practicus was engaged to provide programme management and leadership in managing a diverse range of stakeholders for the programme.

The Engagement

As well as the overall programme management, Practicus supported individual deliverables, including:

  • Upgrading over 450 bus shelters and bus interchange stations
  • Introducing new bus lanes with CCTV
  • Developing software to improve online journey planning

Practicus adopted a programme management approach based around established Best Practice, MSP, while remaining flexible to the project management methodologies being employed by different stakeholder organisations.

The Outcome

Practicus created a benefits management approach and coordinated the baselining of benefits such as reduced journey times, increased passenger numbers, improved punctuality and reduced crime statistics in rejuvenated areas.