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Community Benefits

As important as it is for our Practitioners to work hard to deliver on our Projects, we believe it’s also important that we provide the right benefits to our Engaged and Permanent Community Members... 

REGULAR Practitioner Events
We host an exclusive event every six weeks where we invite all of our Engaged Practitioners to join us for the evening. It gives us the opportunity to thank you for everyone's hard work, and to provide an environment that encourages networking and knowledge sharing. 

Community Manager and Practice Director will look to re-engage the highest performing practitioners from our permanent and retained community on successive back to back projects. These individuals will be the first to hear of exciting new opportunities, they will be given the chance to help shape propositions bids or tenders, and have the chance to work on a variety of projects. 

Practitioner of the Month Awards
We empower our Engaged and Permanent Practitioner Community to nominate one person for the Practitioner of the month award. Votes are cast based on a non-delivery perspective where Practioners have successfully demonstrated living and breathing our values. Practicus will donate to the monthly winner's charity of choice. 

Support is provided arranging contracts, completing travel expenses, billing and other administrative tasks with a dedicated Outcome Delivery support team.