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The Practicus Community

The Practicus Community is a network of highly skilled practitioners delivering together in true partnership.

Practicus is on a mission to change the way people feel about Consultancy. This is our emotional purpose which makes what we do more enjoyable, and ultimately helps us better deliver change for our customers.

Supporting our business is a thriving community of change specialists and subject matter experts that we have cultivated over 10 years. These highly skilled practitioners share our values and mean that we are able to be more selective over the expertise we put forward to clients. It also means we can rapidly scale up and down to meet client challenges without having to worry about factors like bench utilisation.

We know how to manage a flexible workforce. Our clients and new hires tell us that we qualify, induct, mobilise, manage and debrief team members far more thoroughly and scientifically than any big name firm with its own permanent staff.

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Project and change delivery can be a challenging and sometimes lonely responsibility – in the Practicus Community, you’re amongst people you can trust.

It was set up to bring together professionals who really care about client outcomes. We’re a broad church of people sharing certain common characteristics. We’re values driven, practical, open, passionate about what we do…and above all we help each other out.

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The Four PromisesWe make four promises to all our clients Values The values at the heart of our culture


Typically, community membership is reserved for those who have an existing relationship with Practicus. However, there are niche and SME roles that come up in our team-based deployments. If you wish to express interest, please contact our Community Experience Manager Katie Dillet on 0117 922 1777 or email

Information for Permanent Practitioners

Many of our Practitioners choose to take up permanent positions with Practicus. We also recruit new permanent talent into our business on a regular basis.

If you are interested in a permanent position at Practicus, please contact Alice Collier on +44 0207 3748886.

You can also visit our careers microsite at