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The Engine Room

When you’re working hard on an assignment for us, you want to know there are people working hard to ensure everything goes smoothly from our end, from contracts through to regular payments. More than that, if you’ve got an issue, you want to know you can pick up the phone to speak to someone who is pleasant, helpful, actually works for the company and can make things happen.

Our engine room offers you:

  • Dedicated Interim Management Care team staffed by knowledgeable people
  • Plain English contracts
  • Robust Online Worksheets system and Online Contracts system


Rather than wait for you to need them, the Interim Management Care team will call you when you start your first assignment to introduce themselves and ensure everything is set up for you. The team is knowledgeable across all areas from Legal to Financial and is available to help you throughout your assignment. This doesn’t mean you will lose contact with the Practicus consultant who obtained you the placement, this is very much in addition.


Our contracts have been written by professionally accredited Plain English writers to be transparent, to the point and readable. The terms and standard contract have also been reviewed by the IACCM (International Association for Contract & Commercial Management) and have been approved – the first globally.


For speed and convenience, we have online systems for approving contracts and worksheets that are fast and robust.