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Project Manager

With so many contract project managers on the market, how can anyone be sure where the best talent is? The answer is to choose a Practicus interim project manager.

Everyone wants someone with hands on delivery experience with their particular challenges. But ever since the global financial crisis, it’s become harder for organisations to identify the good project managers from the multitude of likely candidates hitting the market.

Practicus is focused on representing the right one, not just anyone. We network amongst the project management community, finding out who you can trust from those that should be avoided. We also set extremely high project management standards for representation, making sure that the pasts of our interims are explored, looking at quality of delivery, ability to work within different business cultures and the legacy they leave with clients.

As a result of our network and capability around project manager roles we are able to provide an exacting fit to client requirement very quickly. Please view our services or contact us.

Interim Project Manager description and responsibilities

Many project manager definitions exist but by far the easiest is: the planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of a project and the motivation of all those involved in it to achieve the project objectives on time and to the specified cost, quality and performance. Key project manager responsibilities include:

  • Developing and leading the project team
  • Communicating with project stakeholders
  • Managing the Risks and Issues (and understanding the differences between them)
  • Controlling Changes
  • Reporting progress at pre-defined intervals to the Programme Manager, Project Sponsor, or Project Board
  • Creating the conditions and environment for the project to be successful
  • Planning of the project with proactive monitoring and control
  • Managing the costs against the agreed budget

Other Project Manager job titles

Other common titles for interim project manager include:
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Business Project Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Infrastructure Project Manager
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Junior Project Manager