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Programme Office Manager

It’s often not until change programs are underway that weaknesses around the PMO structure are exposed. By then it is far too late. Practicus can help you put in place the right PMO skills, whether the initiative is already in flight or preparing for mobilisation.

There is a marked difference between a professional PMO and someone who is simply managing the back office. All too often, this difference is the one between a successful PMO setup and a rocky programme delivery environment.

World-class PMO management is hard to find. With so many initiatives using inexperienced project support resource, it’s not hard to see why so many run into trouble. After all, a successful PMO process is not ultimately about coordination but enhancing the delivery of change projects.

Practicus specialises in representing the best interim PMO managers across sectors. We will ensure that you obtain a proven professional who is a true expert in this area. In fact, we’ve represented professional PMOs for assignments ranging from modest project offices to full global coordination of multinational projects and programmes worldwide.

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Interim PMO or Programme Office Manager (POM)

A good PMO can reduce the risk of project schedule slippage, cost overruns and scope creep by focusing on a standard project management process, basic tools and project manager development.

A great PMO can not only optimise resource use within the program management office but can implement good governance, communications and collaboration tools. He or she may also be called upon to provide ad hoc project management skills where programmes lack resource.

A truly excellent PMO can do all these things as well as increase the focus on benefits realisation, knowledge management and help facilitate skills transfer.

Other PMO titles

Other titles for this interim role popularly searched on the Internet include:

  • Project Office Manager
  • Programme Office Manager
  • POM
  • PMO
  • PMO Project Management
  • PMO jobs