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Head of Change

The performance of strategic change functions proves critical to maintaining a healthy business. All too often, organisations can find themselves losing control of the number of change initiatives within their business and the complexity. In these cases, an interim Change Director or Head of Change can greatly support the business strategy in reining in excesses and re-focusing effort.

Re-energising and re-focusing change and project management functions is no easy task. It may be that up-skilling is required, a new approach to change needed or the broad rationalisation of a project portfolio.

Practicus represents change leaders who can own that responsibility. We actively look for individuals who have both the capability and stature to win instant credibility and acceptance at all levels within an organisation – and its change function – to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible.

We conduct rigorous due diligence on all the interims we represent and ensure that all our Change Directors and Heads of Change have the ability to transfer vital skills and knowledge to your permanent staff.

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