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Transport & Logistics

As one of the world’s largest countries, geographically isolated from its key overseas markets, Australia’s economic growth relies on efficient transport & logistics systems.

With a need to provide a quality, rapid and cost effective service, a key driver for many organisations is to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. Furthermore, advancements in technology continue to generate a need for new skills, placing huge demands on the workforce.

Practicus has been supporting clients globally with these challenges for over ten years. From major transport companies in the Far East and Down Under to the London Underground in Europe, we have been at the forefront of increasing efficiency and the successful adoption of new technologies.

We offer broad capability, supported by a community of world-class practitioners and subject matter experts in everything from smart ticketing and route optimization to process efficiency methodologies.

To find out more about our capabilities within Transport & Logistics, contact us directly to speak to one of our sector specialists.