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Global Sourcing

All the technology and people in the world mean nothing if the sourcing approach is flawed. We work with you to to build an optimised and integrated model that delivers on your expectations - in practice as well as theory. 

With research labelling more than 50% of outsourcing arrangements considered "mediocre", it's easy to join the long list of average. Indeed, internationally recognised peer-reviewed research suggests that anything from 17% to 40% of value can be lost from global outsourcing.

We can bring your global sourcing, outsourcing and shared services plans to life

Practicus can help you overcome these challenges. Our expertise will make you an industry leader in the borderless, tightly integrated, highly interactive and technologically-revolutionised global services ecosystem.

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Global Outsourcing Excellence

More about us

Practicus is an international business with live deployments around the world. We are able to map to sourcing challenges right across your operation, including remote locations. Our team brings a wealth of experience, supporting major organisations around the world.

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