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Practitioner Community

The practitioner community forms the body of resource for team-based client deployments. It includes both permanent Practicus employees and the cream of our interim management network.

Joining our practitioner community is not something we offer everybody, it’s an opportunity reserved for the best people we come across and has significant benefits and expectations attached.


  • Priority Assignments
  • Access to lessons learned
  • Access to Practicus Global offices and WiFi
  • Tools and materials
  • Networking & Social Events with fellow practitioners
  • Consultancy support and community manager support


  • To represent Practicus in an on going Professional manner with our clients and community members – there should be no difference in client experience between our permanent and retained practitioners.
  • Open and honest communication with Practicus Community Manager – transparency on availability, skills and experience assistance with referrals to network where required, sharing market intelligence and  assisting other community members.
  • To go the extra mile to ensure project delivery, e.g. working the hours it takes, accommodating additional responsibility, covering other roles where appropriate.
  • Constantly aligning the inputs and planned outputs of an in-flight  project to the desired outcomes to ensure a lasting legacy.
  • Assistance with helping to shape client proposals (i.e. attending pitch/scoping out meetings) and identifying new business where applicable.
  • Acting professionally on client site at all times, whilst remembering that it is a Practicus engagement not your own individual contract.
  • Committed to each Practicus engagement you sign up to.


Typically, community membership is reserved for those who have an existing relationship with Practicus. However, there are niche and SME roles that come up in our team-based deployments. If you wish to express interest, please contact Emma Freestone, Community Manager +61 (0) 282 815 000.

I feel more a part of Practicus than any of my permanent roles.
Sheila Hogan, Senior Project Lead, Practicus Retained Practitioner